What is a Soil and Water District Supervisor?

We all must work together and do our part to protect and preserve our environment. In North Carolina and nationwide, we have Soil and Water Conservation Districts that are lead by a board of Supervisors supported by professional and technical staff. These Boards provide leadership in making local conservation decisions. These Conservation Districts partner with the USDA and the State of North Carolina to deliver programs to land owners and the community.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts:

  • Provide effective locally-delivered education and training programs to students, teachers and adults
  • Deliver the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program
  • Provide natural resource information to local governments for planning and projects
  • Deliver federal Farm Bill conservation programs involving water quality practices, farmland protection, wetlands restoration, and wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Assist communities in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, floodplain management and flood control, water use efficiency, stream restoration and open space management.
  • Respond to natural disasters by helping local land owners and state and local government with clean-up efforts and restoration.
  • Respond to local interest in conservation easements, environmental education centers and parks.

Source: NC Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts